• BI Trends: What’s New? What’s Next?

    The BI industry is constantly evolving as people and businesses fall in and out of love with the technologies that drive data insights. AI, machine learning and augmented analytics, to name a few, are high on the buzz list for some of the industry’s top analysts and data practitioners. But what’s a passing fad and what’s really here to stay? Join data thought leaders and industry experts as they discuss the landscape of which tools, techniques and strategies are currently popular in the world of business intelligence, and what’s next on the horizon. Read More

  • Human & AI: Security Force at Work

    The global cybersecurity labor shortage is expected to hit 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021. With the increased need for better security, how are enterprises coping with the lack of qualified cyber professionals? Industry experts will discuss the ways to automate security tasks, protect against AI-powered cyber adversaries and enable cyber resilience. Read More

  • Cloud-First Analytics

    The Cloud has claimed its place as the perennial topic of choice when it comes to providing an innovative solution to big data and analytics endeavors. And why not, when industry research reports are indicating that the overwhelming majority of organizations are moving their big data processing to the cloud to take advantage of its convenience, cost, integration and performance benefits? Attend this summit and discover the nuances around utilizing big data in the cloud and the best practices approach to cloud analytics as recommended by data practitioners and industry leaders. Read More

  • Unlocking Possibility and Creating Value: TD Bank Group

    TD Bank Group is way ahead of the curve with their digital transformation and automation playing a key role. Learn how you too can unlock value by leveraging automation to deliver experiences and solutions to your colleagues and customers. TD is the recipient of the Value Driver Excellence in Enterprise RPA Award 2018. Read More

  • CEO Address

    CEO Alastair Bathgate welcomes everyone to our transformative event. However you want to implement your digital transformation, there is no larger RPA forum than Blue Prism World 2019. Be prepared to be inspired and to connect, learn and share throughout two days of automation excellence. Read More