• [Live Panel] How to Put the Human First When Creating for Virtual Reality

    Join us April 27th for a panel discussion on how to put the human first while creating for Virtual Reality. Part of the VR/AR BrightTALK Summit, our panelists will exchange on how to take user and audience in consideration during the Virtual Reality creation process. As Virtual Reality is getting more and more exposure, it is time to highlight the right practices of designing a Virtual Reality project and see what we can do to put the human first. - Do Virtual Reality creators consider the audience they address before/while developing their projects? Why is this crucial? How and when to do so? - Are we more careful today to offer more accessible VR experiences than a year ago? - How is this evolving? Do studios and creators tend to integrate more the human in the creation process? The panel will be led by Amandine Flachs, Events and Communication manager at the Realities Centre. She will be joined by a variety of Virtual Reality leaders, including creators, game developers, agency and B/B professionals. -------- Panelists: - Amandine Flachs, Events & Comms Manager, Realities Centre - Tom Evans - CEO and co-founder at Trojan VR - Komal Sable - COO at Tengio - Doug North Cook - Creative director and co-founder at Decoder. Read More

  • Making Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality a Profitable Endeavor

    Augmented, mixed, and virtual reality compose a spectrum for next-gen computing that is disrupting or accelerating the business objectives of companies across almost every industry. With an ever growing number of pilots and available solutions, it is imperative that businesses develop a strategy of where to play and how to win, while avoiding technology for technology’s sake, in order to create new value. Jiten Dajee is a subject matter expert on digital reality technology spanning the entire value chain of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. Jiten has been involved with Digital Reality technology since his first joint-venture in healthcare wearables in 2011. He joined Deloitte Consulting Innovation to lead the rapid commercialization of digital reality across industrial and commercial sectors. He brings an end-to-end understanding of how optics, networks, semiconductors, platforms, products, and will interact in the next-gen computing medium. Jiten specializes in market intelligence, technology adoption, solution integration, and strategic growth planning of digital reality in enterprise. Read More

  • [Live Panel] Augmented Reality in Business: Potential and Challenges

    Augmented Reality in Business: Assessing the Potential This live panel will set the scene for augmented reality (AR) in business; what are the use cases? Who's beginning to adopt the technology? Where are we seeing success? The panel of experts will then discuss areas of growth and the challenges that lie ahead. The panelists will try to break through the surrounding hype and discuss in detail the true potential and challenges for AR when business look towards adoption. Featuring an industry-leading selection of Augmented reality experts: - Josh Downs, Community Manager, BrightTALK (Moderator) - Alice Bonasio, Technology Author and Journalist - Max Dawes, Partnerships & Marketing Director, Zappar - Mickael Jordan, Co-Founder & COO, Augment For more information on Alice Bonasio please visit: Read More

  • Location-based Virtual Reality: Opportunities for Experiential Storyliving

    The webinar will tackle the possibilities for brand communication with location-based Virtual Reality experiences. VR lets the consumer not just step inside the brands world but also feel, smell and touch. The presentation gives insights on VR theory with a focus on marketing and an overview on currents state of the technology. Read More

  • Hacking the Brain: Unlocking the power of NeuroVR

    Can immersive reality actually help us better understand each other? Understand ourselves? How does human cognitive processing change, or become enhanced, once VR and AR are added to the mix? What does that mean for our (future) sense of self? What is the impact of literally ‘putting oneself in somebody else’s shoes’ and what that means for human empathy? Exploring recent findings on the treatment of phobias, PTSD and mental health issues using VR, and theories around the virtual-physical illusion of presence, this webinar asks how neuroscience has been affected and/or advanced by the development of immersive tech. Read More

  • Social Platforms for Virtual Reality

    There is an arms race going on in the Virtual Reality world, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. In the upcoming VR boom, the platform that enables user-generated virtual experiences that are both social and shareable will become the next Facebook. And although we shouldn’t count Facebook itself out of this picture, right now it’s anybody’s game to win. In this talk I’ll look at four of the major players working to bring social VR to the masses, what they are going to offer, and how they hope to monetize. What gives them the edge, and why should we all care? Read More