• Blockchain and Greentech

    Dr Langen Shu, CEO at GCL Finance (Group) Holdings, shares his expert views on the relevancy and rise of GreenTech & Blockchain inherent in China's Made in China 2025 plan to revolutionise its digital and smart transformation, and tap newly emerging opportunities in line with Industry 4.0. Read More

  • Industry 4.0 – Innovation landscape

    Professor Lu will introduce some technologies that have been successfully commercialised by the University of Surrey, as well as exciting technologies in the pipeline and more at an earlier stage of development. He will draw on his extensive experience of academia–industry partnerships to discuss the importance of collaboration in technological innovation Read More

  • Content considerations for the IT industry

    So what type of content really receives the most engagement from channel partners? And which channel do they respond best to? Here Heather Margolis, President & Founder of Channel Maven Consulting and Robert Cassard, CMO & Creative Director, Voodoo Viral Marketing Systems will reveal all as well as share our best practise approach to creating content that’s appealing to your audience. Read More