• Emerging Trends and Technologies in Fintech

    Is there still a buzz around Blockchain? Where's the challenge in challenger banks? What's next for the Open Banking revolution? Will InsurTech have its moment in 2017? Join this summit where you can get your burning questions asked by our experts who will go over the year that was and reveal their predictions for 2017. Read More

  • Fighting Claim Fraud with InsurTech

    When it comes to analysing and managing insurance claims, the market still runs in a very old school manner — human intervention, lots of paperwork and phone calls. This unfortunately also poses a real threat when it comes to fraudulent claims and applications. With digital advances and the rise of InsurTech, these risks can be minimised and fraudulent applications detected way before they can do any harm. Join this panel where we’ll discuss: -How predictive analytics can help spot fraudulent applications before they can do proper damage -How new technologies can help investigate and monitor specific claims -The need for more transparency throughout the claiming process and the importance of identity validation -Improving the customer journey by empowering the individual to report and settle claims online or through mobile devices Read More

  • How InsurTech is changing the traditional insurance landscape

    Insurance start-ups have seen large funding and lots of eyes looking at them to be the next to experience a Fintech-like boom. Join this session where the panel of experts from varied backgrounds will discuss the following: -Trends in InsurTech -Regulatory challenges -Why the traditional insurance market was prime for disruption -How does InsurTech ensure a “customer first” strategy -How does InsurTech promote more flexibility and self-service Read More