Security Awareness

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What is security awareness?

Why is security awareness training important?
1. To prevent breaches and attacks
2. To build a culture of security
3. To make technological defences more robust
4. To give your customers confidence
5. For compliance
6. To be socially responsible as a business
7. To improve employee wellbeing

Can security awareness be self-taught?
The very first step in your self-learning journey should be identifying your strong points. Consider your educational background and your work experience. Though you have a non-technical background, past technical knowledge and exposure would give you a clear head start. Also, honestly assess your own interests and skills. Find out whether you are naturally inclined to or have an aptitude for app development, networking, etc. If you’re currently into science but not liking it, you would most likely not fancy cybersecurity too. If, however, topics such as security engineering, penetration testing, and incident response excite you, you clearly have the required aptitude for cybersecurity.

Why do we need security awareness?
Many organizations might think of security awareness training as a once-a-year checkbox activity that they need to get out of the way to comply with regulatory standards. But experts argue that instead, security awareness training should be an ongoing process. So, how often should you be training users? Well, you should look to strike a balance between keeping content fresh in your users’ minds and being as undisruptive to your users’ lives as possible. That can depend on your specific organization and can range from every few months to every few weeks. 

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